12 Best Sites To Get Free Stuff By Mail In 2020
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Everybody loves getting free stuff — especially when it’s delivered right to your door. Believe it or not, there are tons of great resources out there to get free stuff by mail, without much effort on your part!

Free samples and loyalty programs are actually a crucial way for brands to market their products. It allows consumers like you to try new products and be rewarded for purchasing them again. But you don’t always have to go through the companies themselves to take advantage of these free offers.

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The 12 Best Sites To Get Free Stuff By Mail

There are some great websites that can send you free stuff from a variety of companies, from household products to fashion to food, and everything in between. All you have to do is sign up, and sometimes review or rate the free products you get.

1. PINCHme: For this service, you just have to fill out a quick survey to determine the kinds of products you’re interested in receiving. Then you’ll start getting samples delivered right to your door! You have up to 60 days to go online and review your products, so there’s no rush.

2. Rakuten: This cashback site will send you a check in the mail. Sign in to Rakuten, click the store you normally shop at, and shop like you always do. You’ll automatically earn up to 40% cashback from over 2,500 stores. You’ll also get a $10 bonus just for signing up.

3. Voiced Market: Right here on Voiced Market you can get your hands on freebies all year round. Not only does the site feature a freebies section on a wide variety of products and services, but it’ll also alert you to new available deals and freebies if you sign up for the free newsletter.

4. Survey Junkie: This popular survey site wants your opinion to help brands deliver better products and services. It’ll pay you in the form of virtual points, which you can redeem for PayPal or gift cards.

5. Fetch Rewards: This is an easy way to get rewarded for your grocery store purchases no matter where you shop. Just scan your receipt using the Fetch Rewards app and let them do the rest. You’ll earn points on thousand of products every time they appear on your receipt. Redeem those points for your pick of hundreds of available rewards.

6. InboxDollars: This rewards site will send you free gift cards just for watching tv. It’ll also reward you for a variety of other things like taking surveys and shopping. Use these gift cards to shop online at your favorite stores.

7. Drop: This app will reward you with points for the things you purchase everyday, from your morning coffee to late-night food delivery. Those rewards turn out to be as good as cash which you can redeem at places like Amazon for free stuff shipped right to your home.

8. Smiley360: This site sends out free samples as well as full-sized products in exchange for your honest opinion. To start, sign up and fill out a survey so they can get to know you better and the products that you’d like to receive. From there, enjoy your products and complete “missions” to get more free stuff.

9. BzzAgent: This is an awesome service for testing new products. Just sign up online, get your free products in the mail, and fill out a super quick questionnaire about each one. Most of the products come from top brands like Kellog, Gillette, and Unilever (to name a few).

10: Influenster: Social media savvy? This is a great service to get you free stuff and boost your influencer status. You get a free box of full-size samples in exchange for honest product reviews on your social media profile. It’s mostly focused on beauty and skincare, but you can find snacks, games, and pet supplies, too.

11: Sample Source: This one’s super easy, and you get to pick the samples you want. Just make an account, choose your free samples from their menu, and have them shipped right to your door for free. All you have to do is rate everything you get online (it only takes a minute or two).

12. Toluna: For free makeup and skincare products, just make an account on this survey site. They’ll send you free, full-sized products in the mail, then a questionnaire about it to fill out and send back. It’s super easy! On top of beauty products, they also send some household cleaners, toys, and other odds and ends.

How To Avoid “Free” Stuff Scams

Sadly, not every “free stuff” site out there is as great as it seems. There are some scams you need to look out for. Before you sign up for an online free sample service, keep these tips in mind:

1. A free trial isn’t the same as a free sample. If you ever have to put your card number down to get a sample of a product, they are probably going to charge you for continuing the service later on. Never sign up for “free” services that require your credit card information.

2. Do your research! If a website is really as good as it claims, there will be positive reviews of it online. Check out a few reviews from other people who have tried the service before you sign up.

3. Time is money, too. A lot of “free stuff” services out there require you to fill out surveys or questionnaires in exchange for the products — that’s fine, but the amount of time you have to put into surveys might not always be worth it for the stuff you’re getting. Again, make sure you read the reviews of any freebie site before you sign up.

4. Follow or “like” your favorite brands on social media. They’ll probably post their legit freebie deals and giveaways, so you can check if something sounds too good to be true.

5. Never give out more information than necessary. A free sample service will require your email, name, and address — and that’s it. If you’re asked to put down your social security number or a credit card, it’s probably a scam.

Why Wait — It’s Free!

Ready to start getting free stuff by mail? Take a look through all the sites we reviewed here and pick the ones that sound right for you! It’s super easy, and it puts totally free stuff right into your hands.

Since all the sites listed here are free, why not sign up for as many as you can now? The more services you sign up for, the more free stuff you’ll get on a regular basis. Just remember to do your research, and only sign up for websites that send you free stuff without any hidden charges or requirements.

The sooner you sign up, the sooner you’ll start getting free stuff delivered right to your door. So why wait — it’s free!