8 Financial Freebies That Could Save You Money
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Who doesn’t love a good freebie? Few things are better than the thrill of getting something of value for little to nothing.

If you’re looking to take greater control of your finances, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a handful of financial freebies to share with you, from free quotes to free statement credits and more!

Claim a few of these freebies, save a bit of money, and learn a whole lot about your money in the process. Make your money go further without spending it!

1. Get a $5 Welcome Bonus for Investing in the Stock Market

Today, you don’t have to be rich to invest in the stock market. You can invest with as little as $5.

With Stash, that’s all you need to start investing.(1) This company allows you to invest in fractional shares of the companies you love.

Plus, when you fund your Stash portfolio with at least $5, the company will add a welcome bonus of $5 to your portfolio.

What’s more, when you open a Stash banking account(2) and use your Stock-Back® Card(3), you’ll earn bonus stock from the companies you make purchases at!

You’ve probably got $5 lying around. Sign up with Stash today, claim your welcome bonus, and you can start investing for the future!(4)

2. Earn Unlimited Cash Back and a $100 Bonus with This Bank Account

Each week, you buy groceries, gas, and other items — but do you earn cash back whenever you swipe your card? Probably not.

Open an Aspiration bank account today and you’ll get your own debit card that can be used to earn cash back on all Conscience Coalition businesses. Plus, you’ll get a free $100 bonus after spending your first $1,000 within 60 days.

You’ll even enjoy unlimited fee-free withdrawals at over 55,000 in-network ATMs, as well as no hidden fees!

What’s more? Every time you swipe your card, you’ll be given the option to plant a tree. Sign up for an Aspiration account today to make your money go further and help out the environment while you’re at it!

3. Leave Your Family Up to $8 Million — This Company Will Give You a Free Life Insurance Quote in Minutes

If you want your family to have enough money to cover bills, college tuition, and other expenses after your death, your savings account might not get it done.

But Ladder is an online term life insurance company that could allow you to leave your family up to $8 million — likely more than enough to carry on your legacy.

In just minutes, you can fill out the company’s short online application and know whether you’re approved instantly. If approved, simply accept your offer at your affordable rate with no hidden fees!

Ladder lets you lock in a personalized rate that meets your budget, but they also allow you to tweak your policy as your needs change. And if you have questions about your rate or coverage, simply ask one of the company’s non-commissioned professionals.

Get your free quote with Ladder today to put your family first and prioritize their future at an affordable cost!

4. Get Rid of Your Current Auto Insurance — This Website Will Let You Compare Dozens of Quotes in 2 Minutes for Free

Fear that you’re paying too much for car insurance? Perhaps you don’t know where to look for better rates, or maybe you simply don’t have the time to shop around. Whatever the case, finding affordable rates and switching companies just got easier.

EverQuote is an online marketplace that allows you to compare multiple auto insurance companies in one place. Using your current coverage information, EverQuote will find you similar products and present you with quotes for free — allowing you to explore all options while also saving time.

You could save hundreds on your auto insurance this year. Fill out a short questionnaire to find out if you can lower your auto insurance now.

5. Download This Free Stock Market App to Get Top Tools and Information in Your Hand

Want access to top investing tools, news, and data in one place? Avoid jumping from media outlet to media outlet in order to get the latest money information?

Atom Finance is a free app that offers a host of tools — including institutional-quality resources, portfolio integration, comprehensive company financials, analyst estimates, and so much more.

Download the Atom Finance app today and keep all of the top stock market and money resources at your fingertips!

6. Replace Your Student Loan and Get a $300 Bonus in the Process

If you’re neck-deep in student loan debt, like many Americans are, you might want to consider refinancing — replacing your current loan(s) with one that has a lower interest rate.

This move could potentially save you thousands, and Credible is an online student loan refinance marketplace that will help you find and compare up to 10 options in two minutes — for free. Not to mention, you’ll earn up to a $300 bonus after closing out your refinance.

Fill out the company’s simple form, and you’ll be matched with prequalified offers from top lenders. This check is completely free and your credit score won’t even be affected!

7. Compare Your Home or Renters Insurance to Dozens of Other Offers in Minutes for Free with This Website

Home or renters insurance can be expensive, but EverQuote makes finding affordable home or renters insurance easy.

Answer a few questions about your home and this site will connect you with top insurers in your area for free. By gathering multiple quotes, EverQuote allows you to compare your options in one place.

Save time and potentially save hundreds on home insurance by getting your free quote with EverQuote!

8. Score the Latest Financial Freebies by Having Them Delivered Straight to Your Inbox

There are all sorts of financial freebies floating around. Wouldn’t it be helpful if someone kept you in the loop whenever great deals and freebies become available?

VOICED Market is a site that offers not only freebies but also exclusive coupons and deals up to 95% off.

Subscribe to VOICED Market and you’ll even get the hottest deals, discounts, and giveaways delivered right to your email’s inbox.

Rather than hunting around the web for top deals, let them come to you by subscribing to VOICED Market today!

There’s a Financial Freebie for Everyone

Ready to take advantage of a few of these financial freebies? It’s not hard work. Most of the freebies can be claimed in a matter of minutes.

With a few simple signups or questionnaires, you might be able to save a bunch of money and improve your financial position as a result.

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