7 Foolish Things We Keep Spending Way Too Much Money On

By Voiced Market
7 February 2024
7 Foolish Things We Keep Spending Way Too Much Money On

I absolutely hate it when I Buy something, only to learn that I overpaid. It drives me crazy.

Maybe I’m not alone. Most people think this way on small ticket items, but what about large ticket items, where you might overspend by thousands of dollars?

Here are 7 ways we might be able to save ourselves cash and headaches.

1. High Interest. Get Up To $50,000 From This Company

Credit card companies make lots of money charging their customers high interest, you do not need to be one of them.

Did you know you could get out of this debt spiral by using a personal loan to pay off your credit card debt? That’s because personal loans typically have a lower interest rate than a credit card.

LendingTree makes it super easy to see multiple options in one place, and apply for a personal loan in minutes online. Personal loans with LendingTree start at 6.99% APY, that could be a huge saving versus what credit card interest rates charge you. You’ll then be able to choose which personal loan is right for you, you can then get your credit card debt paid off as early as one business day.

It’s common that someone takes out a personal loan to pay off their credit card debt, and then begins paying off the lower interest personal loan.

You can also use a personal loan to pay off other types of debt, fund a vacation, or really anything you want.

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2. Costly Vehicle Repairs. Get Your Vehicle Protected By This Company Before It’s Too Late (Save Hundreds)

Nobody likes it when their check engine light comes on, especially when your car is out of warranty. That can mean expensive repairs.

There’s a company called CarShield that could help you avoid expensive repairs. They have covered over 2 million cars, and have paid over $1 billion in administrator claims. They’ve been serving customers for over a decade and have a 4.3 out of 5 star rating on Google.

CarShield offers vehicle protection plans that cover things like your engine, transmission, drive axle, brake system, air conditioner, water pump, alternator, fuel pump, power windows, radiator, suspension, electrical, and much more.

You provide some basic information about your vehicle to CarShield and they will help you find the best plan options for your vehicle and budget. Choose your coverage level, and protection plan. You’ll be surprised at how affordable and flexible these service plans are. They offer a coverage plan that fits every budget.

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3. Real Estate Agent Fees. Find Out How Much Your Home Could Sell For In 3 Minutes Now, Admit It You’re Kinda Curious (no real estate agent needed)

You might want to upgrade or downgrade your current home. Maybe you want to move. Or maybe you’re just curious to know what you can currently get for your home? Whatever the reason, did you know there’s a way you could receive a no obligation cash offer within 24 hours without any broker/agent, or any showings? And it might be a really great offer (there are no real estate agent fees).

There is no obligation to sell and it’s completely free to check what your offer is: Offerpad could give you a competitive cash offer right now. Plus, they’ll show you other potential selling options that could be beneficial you may not have thought of.

All you need to do is enter your address and answer a 3-minute questionnaire. Just answer some questions about your home and Offerpad will carefully evaluate your home with local market expertise.

If you choose to accept your offer, Offerpad will also provide you with free local moving to your next place. You can also pick your closing day, which could be in as little as 24 hours, or choose to extend your stay to live in your current home longer.

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4. Expensive Diets. Try This Instead

Tried lots of diets? Try Noom instead. This is digital health company that helps people live healthier, happier lives.Noom uses the latest in proven behavioral science to empower people to take control of their health for good.

Through a combination of psychology, technology, and human coaching, our platform has helped millions of our users meet their personal health and wellness goals. While they started with weight management, now we’re working to expand our behavior change platform to help people with chronic and non-chronic conditions, such as stress and anxiety, hypertension, and diabetes, and build a healthier world for all. Fill out a quick questionnaire so

Noom can learn how to help you. You’ll get a free trial now.

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5. Credit Card Debt Over $10,000. The High Interest Is Ridiculous, Ask This Company To Lower It

If you have debt, you know the ridiculous interest rates are like robbery.

And the truth is, companies you owe money too don’t really care. They are just getting rich by ripping you off with high interest rates — some with interest rates up to 36%.

If you have more than $10,000 in debt from credit cards, medical bills, collections, or personal loans, National Debt Relief could be a huge help. Their representatives might be able to assist you in consolidating your debt into one low monthly payment.

Since 2009, National Debt Relief has successfully helped more than 550,000 people get out of debt. And you have nothing to lose by letting National Debt Relief tell you how they can help you.

Best of all? There are zero fees until your debt is resolved, you could be debt free in 24-48 months. To get started, just answer a few simple questions.

It only takes 30 seconds right here to find out if you qualify.

  • Must have at least $10,000 in debt
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6. Investing. Not Sure Where To Invest? Why Not Use AI To Help

Artificial intelligence has been all the rage, but how can it actually help us? Well how about the stock market?

Streetbeat is an SEC-registered investment platform that simplifies stock and ETF trading for investors. It uses algorithmic data strategies and generative AI, to personalize users’ trading portfolios, revolutionizing investing. Basically AI helps you find opportunities.

You can try the app entirely free on its free trial. You might love it. Sign up right here.

  • Artificial intelligence meets investing
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