Run a Voiced Market Deal:

The Quick Merchant Guide

The vast majority (81%) of consumers say that discounts are on their mind when they shop, meaning they’re more likely to try a product or service for the first time if they can save money while doing so.
At Voiced Market we leverage discount offers across our network, which results in new exposure and customers for merchants.

How it works:

Customers purchase deals directly on Voiced Market and receive a voucher to redeem with the merchant, either on their website or at their store. Each voucher contains simple instructions on how the customer can complete redemption.
As a merchant, you’ll have access to a portal where you can see up-to-the-minute orders and verify all customer vouchers, each of which contains a unique code. Merchants also receive email notifications when a purchase is made.

The economics:

It’s simple – the customer pays the discounted price they see at Voiced Market, and the merchant receives the remittance amount (what the customer paid minus the agreed Voiced Market fee).

How big is your network:

During any given month, our network can reach millions of potential customers. Deals may be promoted on Voiced Market, partner sites, social media, email newsletters, and more.

How long will my deal run:

This is entirely up to the merchant, as deals can run for longer or shorter periods of time.

Expected number of sales:

Every deal is different, and sales will vary depending on the product or service offered. It also depends on how strong the discount offer is.
If the merchant prefers, Voiced Market can set a maximum number of vouchers to be sold, so there are no surprises if your product or service is extremely popular. Those limits can be set by the deal or by the month.