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If cooking at the end of a long day seems like a stressful chore, that’s totally understandable. After all, you’re extremely busy – and spending time in the kitchen after eight hours in the office might not be your idea of fun. Luckily for you, Martha & Marley Spoon can make your life easier (and tastier).

When something comes from Martha Stewart, you know it’s good. Her food delivery service Marley Spoon includes everything you’d expect from a company run by a domestic goddess.
What it includes:

• Over 18,000 recipes

• 10 new recipes added every week
• Pick your preferred delivery date
• Pre-portioned ingredients
• Food costs less than buying it at the supermarket
• Quality ingredients including grass-fed beef and seasonal produce
• Skip any weeks that don’t work for you

Where it delivers: 

Most of the continental US, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Belgium

How much it costs:

2 person plan starts at $48.00 for 2 meals a week ($18 with our coupon)

3-4 person plan starts at $76.00 for 2 meals a week ($46 with our coupon)





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