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30-Day Free Trial To Homer Learning To Read Program

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Early childhood education is one of the most critical phases in a child’s life. It’s the information learned during these early years that builds the foundation for a lifetime of learning and achievement. HOMER is a company that aims to give children the best possible academic start through exciting, personalized learning products for those between the ages of two and eight.

These products not only instill a love for learning and reading but they also prepare the child for school and life. The program is a personalized one, and it takes your child’s unique set of passions and interests into account to form a set of lessons and challenges that keeps him or her fully engaged and motivated.

With more than 1,000 reading lessons and over 200 stories and songs, this robust program offers plenty for kids of all ages and levels. Whether your young child has begun to show some interest in reading or whether he or she has a unique learning disability, HOMER has the potential to help your child’s learning and reading skills improve by leaps and bounds.

What you’ll get:

  • Free trial to HOMER learning to read program.
  • Up to four customizable profiles.
  • Personalized learning based on passions and interests.
  • Lessons on ABCs, phonics, and sight words.
  • 200+ animated and interactive stories and songs.
  • Tracing and fine-motor exercises.
  • Full practice module to build mastery.
  • Ability to revisit favorite lessons, stories, and games.
  • Drawing, painting, and storytelling tools.

About HOMER / HOMER website:

HOMER was developed by learning experts who understand that allowing children to explore their interests and passions is the key to creating confident learners. Based on Harvard and Stanford research, the HOMER program has been proven to increase early reading scores by an incredible 74%. A fantastic tool teaching tool for parents and educators alike, HOMER can be accessed via iPad and the web for both online and offline learning!


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